(1) The Basic Boudoir Photography Shoot: …. $325.00

Perfect when you just need a few shots.

This Photo Shoot Package includes:
• Our Pre-Shoot Planning Session - see complete details below.
• 30 minutes of one-on-one time with working with us to create photographs.
• Approximately 35 or more photos to pick from on your DVD.
• Your private DVD of photos which will be mailed to you within 72 hours of completion of your photo shoot.

(2) The 90 Minute Boudoir Photography Shoot: …. $475.00

This is our most popular photo shoot package.

During our time together we will utilize everything we have learned in 30+ years to make you look the best you can look on camera.

This Photo Shoot Package includes:
• Our Pre-Shoot Planning Session - see complete details below.
• 90 minutes of one-on-one time with working with us to create amazing photographs.
• Approximately 100 or more photos to pick from.
• Your private DVD of photos which you can immediately take home with you that day.
• Four professionally retouched photos ($160 value) is included in this package. You get both the electronic version AND an 8×12 PRINTED PHOTO of each retouched image.

If purchased separately this package would cost $665.
Note: This 90 minutes of time goes a long ways to allowing you time to relax, get in a grove and create some incredible photos. More outfits, more settings, you decide exactly how you would like to utilize this extra time to create exactly what you had in your mind.

(3) The Portfolio-in-a-Day Photo Shoot Package: …. $1,900.00

The biggest difference between this shoot and our other photo shoot is that the Portfolio-in-a-Day Photo Shoot is designed from the ground up to create “Magazine-Quality Photos”. To obtain the same level of perfection you see in major magazines is very demanding work, but it is also the exact same work we have specialized in for more than 30 years.

This shoot requires:
• A staff of three Very Experienced, Professional Crew Members.
• A spectacular shooting location, with over sized rooms that are very well furnished.
• A very full day for everyone involved.
As you head into your make up / hair styling session, we start building the shooting locations. Will we be shooting you on a bed, in a kitchen, by a fireplace, at a pool? What colors should appear in the background to make the photo most attractive and to make you stand out?

All these questions and more get our undivided attention and get resolved while our make-up / hair styling team makes you look spectacular.

You are truly a goddess for a day, but the best part is that these magazine-quality photos are the very same photos that you will be using to in your portfolio and promotional materials. These photos which will certainly increase the amount of attention you receive on any advertising directory website, and will also provide you with plenty of content to fill your own website.

The Portfolio-in-a-Day Photo Shoot includes:
• Our Pre-Shoot Planning Session – see complete details below.
• Professional On-Location Make-up and Hair Styling
• One, very busy working day with Three Professional Crew Members
• Magazine-Quality Shooting Locations
• Magazine-Quality Lighting Techniques
• Typically 400 or more Magazine-Quality Photos
• Eighteen Professionally Retouched Images.  You get both the electronic version AND an    8×12 PRINTED PHOTO of each retouched image.
This Photo Shoot will produce the very best photos you have ever seen of yourself.

Note: ALL Photo Shoots require a deposit to reserve your appointment time. Failure to cancel or postpone your photo session 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time will cause you to forfeit your deposit. You can reschedule an appointment for up to 60 days from original date of issue. No refunds.

About Our Pre-Shoot Planning Session: 

We have found that we always achieve much better results from a photo shoot by doing a Pre-Shoot Planning Session prior to the actual photo shoot. Instead of discussing vague ideas / concepts on the phone or even waiting for the day of the photo shoot, just picking an idea “out of our butts”, and hoping we get great results, our Pre-Shoot Planning Session Meeting is where we plan everything out ahead of time, in-person with you.

This pre-shoot planning session allows us to ensure that the final results are exactly what you want from your photo shoot.

The number one goal for our planning session is to come up with a detailed plan.

You should bring all the different wardrobe items that you think you might want to wear for your actual photo shoot to this Meeting. Together, we will sort through the items and decide which ones will look best on camera and best on you. We consider colors, fit, and how we will utilize the wardrobe during the photo shoot.

Once we have the wardrobe items figured out, we will match these wardrobe items up with an appropriate shooting location / background setting from all the available choices. Finally, we will plan on how to accessorize the shoot with jewelry, props, etc.

We will also discuss hair, make-up, tanning and more. When we are in complete agreement on all the above items and we have a figured out a plan for exactly what we want to accomplish on camera, we finalize a date / time for the actual photo shoot.

In addition to making a significant difference in the final outcome of the photos, planning all this stuff out ahead of time makes us much more efficient on the day of your photo shoot. We are 100% ready to go when you arrive. Our focus is now 100% on making you look spectacular instead of how to hastily throw things together at the last minute.

Making a plan in advance also gives you the ability to pick up any last minute accessory items that we think of during our pre-shoot planning meeting.

OPTIONAL Photo Shoot Services to consider:

Additional Retouched Photos: … $40.00 each
A quality retouching job is one where no one can tell the photo has been retouched. When you look at a photo and see a girl with no pours in her skin and absolutely flawless skin, you quickly realize that no girl can look like this in real life and this is actually just very poor retouching work. You notice it and so does everyone that looks at the photo. You’ll not see this type of retouching work from us, when we do retouching, we do it right.

On-Location Photo Shoot: … $150.00
We come to your location of choice and shoot your photos there. That’s right, we pack up our studio lighting equipment, grip equipment and bring a portable, but very complete studio right to you. Don’t worry, there is no compromise in selecting an on-location photo shoot. Almost all of the magazine work we do utilizes remote shooting locations, such as mansions, castles, luxury homes, beaches and more.

Make-up Artist / Hair Stylist Service: … from $125
Professional Make-up AND Hair Styling service right in our studio. This might sound a bit expensive, however you should consider that instead of utilizing an in-experienced, self-proclaimed, make-up artist, we utilize the very same people we work with when we do magazine work. Our people are “professional” make-up artists and hair stylists that have a tremendous amount of experience in performing their craft specifically for photo shoots. Applying make-up for a glamour / boudoir photography shoot is considerably different then applying make-up for a night out on the town.

Wardrobe Rental: … $40
Why buy expensive lingerie items that you will likely not wear often enough to justify the expense. We have a closet full of the top brand-name wardrobe items such as La Perla, Malizia, Simone Perele, Barbara and more (most are size small or medium). You can select your favorite items and use them in your photo shoot. The cost is intended to cover our cost of dry cleaning the garments you utilize.

Printed Photos: From a simple 4″ x 6″, to 9×12 Wall Calendar and all the way up to 24″ x 36″ mounted on canvas.
We do all our own printing “In-House” and on “our own equipment”. This ensures your complete privacy. There is no chance of an outsider seeing something you may not want them to see if your print never leaves our facility until you take it home. Pricing from $5 and up depending upon size of printed photo.