Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, I hope you like what you see. After limited formal education in photography, I began working in 1989 for an upscale studio in the San Diego area as a photographer in training. Soon after shooting on my own, the studio staff had a hard time recognizing my work from my teacher's, which was a great compliment to me as I really admired her style and beautiful imagery. I learned to develop my own style while there and learned the formal aspects of portrait photography which are still present in my current style. The style is a complex blend that has been hard to categorize, but widely acclaimed. WYSIWYG
(What You See Is What You Get)
I shoot for consistency during my shoots and not just looking for that one killer image from a set. The sample photos are a single photo taken during a set with typically many more in the set of the same quality and consistency. I do not have the time to edit a single photo to perfect it but rather shoot with consistent lighting and exposures to create a series of photos that can be used directly from the camera without need to adjust exposures, color, cropping or other alterations in Photoshop other then for skin and blemish editing.
WYSIWYG! I am located in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada and always willing to travel. Some of the other countries I have been fortunate to visit include:
Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas, Japan, Guam, Dominican Republic, Mexico & more. I have also had the distinct pleasure of seeing my work in the following publications.
This list is always expanding, so I do apologize if it is not 100% updated at all times :) SOME PUBLICATIONS
US WEEKLY Magazine
PLAYBOY Magazine
MAXIM Magazine
FIGHT Magazine
FLEX Magazine
HUSTLER Magazine
GALLERY Magazine
TOP PAIR Magazine
and more :) I have had the opportunity to help many new models become established with their careers as well as helping to enhance the careers of many well established models. One notable event is submission and assistance in finding Playboy Magazines Miss September 2007, Playmate Patrice Hollis. As you can see, I am well established with a wide variety of abilities and styles with an impeccable reputation with all of the models I work with as well as the clients I have as well. Feel free to contact me and let me know what your looking for, I am sure we can create the IMAGEZZ! that you need. Best regards, Mark-IMAGEZZ!
[email protected]