Free Model Portfolio Review:

With more than 30 years of experience in the glamour / boudoir photography industry, we know exactly what commercial clients want to see in a model’s portfolio.

We are always happy to review your model portfolio and offer suggestions and creative ideas to help you transform your existing model portfolio into a unique, very special and most importantly “a very memorable viewing experience” for casting and production executives.

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_H8C4623Model Coaching Service:

The difference between a professional model and an amateur is simple.

A professional model:
• Knows exactly how to position her body so she always looks the best she can possibly look.
• Knows which facial expressions look great on camera and which ones look just plain goofy.
• Can turn on or off any desired mood / expression like a light switch.
• Can make even the worst wardrobe items look great on camera.
• Can perform under pressure, and in less than ideal conditions.
• Rarely takes a BAD Photo. In fact, she is expected to produce a final ratio of 90% or higher of “usable” photos for every client assignment, on any given day.

“Time is money”. This is why so many commercial clients insist on using only professional models. Paying a crew of 8 or 10 people to hang around while they try to “coax the model” to create the exact photo they want quickly offsets any potential savings of using a cheap or even free model.


Want to learn how to become a better model? We can help you.

Serving commercial glamour / boudoir photography clients has been the vast majority of our business at DreamSHOTZ for more than 30 years.

We consistently work to provide photography for major Glamour Magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, FHM, KnockOut and more. We also provide photography for catalogs, calendars, brochures, posters and ad campaigns for top swimwear, lingerie companies and several adult beverage companies.

We know exactly what characteristics commercial clients are looking for in their models. Let us help you succeed as a model.




_H8C4687T.F.P. vs. Professional Photography Shoot:

There are several points to consider when comparing a TFP session to a session that you pay for with a professional photographer. Most photographers offering lots of TFP sessions are really just people doing photography as a hobby. The results from these shoots can vary tremendously.

Without a ton of PhotoShop work, some photography attempts just aren’t worth all YOUR time and effort. The problem is that you typically don’t discover this until you see the results of your shoot.

The majority of the problems and horror stories that circulate in this industry come from these types of amateur photographer / glamour / boudoir photography shoots. The less clothing you wear, the more likely you will eventually run into a problem.

Another consideration is that building your portfolio from strictly TFP sessions will take you a substantially longer than building it with a professional photography.

This is because amateur photographers rarely know how to create “magazine-quality” shooting location sets. Also realize, that few professional photographers are willing to invest the time, money, energy, and all expensive equipment that it requires to build these types of sets, for a shoot they are giving away via (TFP).

As a result, you quickly experience that your model portfolio will benefit / expand by many more “useable” photos per hour from a Professional Photography Shoot session. The sooner you complete an outstanding model portfolio, the sooner you begin getting offers for paid work.

Remember: Art directors, and casting executives aren’t impressed by a model portfolio that consists of dozens of photographs of you that are all same lighting, same hair style, same makeup, same location setting, with slightly different poses or expressions on your face.

BTW, We still do some limited TFP work on occasion, as available time permits.