Escort Photography Sessions
with an Experienced Glamour Professional

Unlike most professional photographers,we don’t claim to photograph Headshots, Portraits, Families, Sporting Events, Kids, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, Pets, Seniors or even Fashion.     WE SPECIALIZE IN ONLY ONE THING, “Professional Glamour Photography.”

The Perfect Gift - A sexy photo.

Looking your best in your photos makes the phone ring more.

• We are not some guy who just bought a camera, now thinks he is a photographer and just wants to get girls naked. The quality of our work speaks for itself. Check out our portfolio.

• We do NOT accept trade or barter deals with any girl. We are 100% professional and expect you to be the same.


• With more than 30 years of professional experience, no other photographer in Arizona (any only a few in the nation) can claim as much experience in commercial shooting of Professional Glamour Photography.

• This unmatched experience makes us your best choice when looking increase the number of phone calls your receive from your Eros advertisement.

Top Glamour Magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, FHM, Stuff, KnockOut and more continue to trust DreamSHOTZ Photography to make their girls look the best they can possibly look on camera.

• Don’t you deserve this same advantage to help you acquire more clients and increase your business?


Interesting Facts For Escorts

Create a custom Magazine Cover from Mild to Wild

Outdoor photos can attract considerably more attention.

99.4 % of guys say PHOTOS are the #1 CONSIDERATION in picking an escort.
Guys are simple, they look at photos first and foremost. When it comes to photos, we know exactly what they want to see and we know how to make you stand out from all the other girls.

Guys don’t call escorts that look like a “Porcelain Princess”.
Photos that are obviously retouched are terrible photos to use for advertising. No one has perfect skin in real life, you know it, and so do the guys. FAKE / ALTERED photos are a huge warning flag that will scare guys away.

Great photos mean more clients, Poor photos cost you money.
There is more competition than ever before. You can either look better than the other girls or charge less money than they do. The choice is yours.

How to get guys to pick you more often.
Simple, Get Great Photos! The fact is that guys select girls who use photos from DreamSHOTZ more than any other photographer in Arizona.

Choosing DreamSHOTZ means you will receive more phone calls, resulting in more dates, which in turn means you earn more money. Plain and simple… “We know what it takes to make your phone ring more often”.

Get Immediate Payback from your Photo Shoot.
Our Photo Shoots costs about the same as what most girls earn in an hour or two, but returns more benefits and hundreds more phone calls. Sure, there are plenty of cheaper places to get photos done, BUT shooting with anyone else will cost you a whole lot of lost business over time. Don’t be short-sighted.

REMEMBER, photos are the single most important investment you can make, do them right the first time.

EROS Advertisers Get 40% Off Any Photo Shoot Package (Starting at $130)

Come Shoot in the Arizona Desert

Shoot in the Arizona Desert or a Studio – Your choice.


• You must be a current EROS advertiser and tell us when booking your photo shoot.

• You must complete your photo shoot before May 31, 2014.

• Applies to Photo Shoot Packages only, not to any available optional items.

• A deposit is required to reserve your appointment.

• You will forfeit your deposit if you fail to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance.

• We are authorized to provide the Eros Authentication Service for you FREE as part of your photo shoot.

Out Of Town Girls – Come Work & Shoot In Arizona

We have lots of girls that come visit us from all over the country. You can visit Arizona, work a bit to pay for both your trip and your photo shoot, and then leave some extra money in your pocket and a stack of great photos that will help you make more money for many months.

Here are the simple steps. Call us to schedule your shoot date, schedule your travel itinerary, place a visiting ad on EROS to let people know you are coming to Arizona, show up for your photo shoot, work a few appointments to pay for the trip or more, head home with a stack of kick-ass photos that help make you more money.

Contact us for additional tips & tricks about taking advantage of this suggestion.

Here is what some of our clients say about working with us:

"You fucking ROCK (beautiful photos, fun shoot, you’re wonderful)–more later" " I am NOT the hottest girl in the business, but I’m probably the smartest…at least smart enough to take advantage of your offer "… Amy Taylor (Los Angeles)

"My phone hasn’t stopped since my ad went up & the date registrations from my website are pouring in. I just consider it "beginner’s luck"   :>}, nonetheless… ya know I gotta tell ya I love this being able to choose my date for the evening!  Out of 5 prospects/choices for the evening, I chose a 7:30 dinner/desert package at City Hall (my fave, my choice!) and I am making 3X what I used to make.  Thanx Brucey!      … Kelsi Stylez (Phoenix)

" SHAZAM!  Holy cow!  Marvelous Darling!  Worth every penny!  Thank you soooooooo much!  The photos are amazing! " … Gina Marie (Phoenix)

"Bruce!!!!! I have to thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the spectacular pictures!!!!! The response has literally been overwhelming. My phone won’t stop ringing even throughout the night so now I have to shut it off at 10:00pm it’s crazy. When I woke up yesterday I had 20 missed calls and a ton of new emails. Today was the same and I’m lovin every minute! You are the best and thanks again, so let’s do lunch when you have time. Love, The new Kylie Shore!" … Kylie Shore (Phoenix)

"After seeing how awesome the pictures came out for the first time shooting together and how well you shot me, I want to set something up with you to shoot all this new lingerie I got , it’s amazing stuff " Thank you so much Bruce!!! Your the BEST!!! Can’t wait to work with you again… Luv," …. Brittney Lane (Los Angeles)

"Bruce!!!!!!!!!   Great news! Since posting the new pictures and new advertising text, it seems that I already am attracting a new breed…….these guys actually want to do the wine and dine thing! I am in process of preparing for my New Jersey tour and have more longer appointments booked than ever before!! Next step…………raising my rates in August! You have been so much help! Excited about my next shoot with you! Kisses Heather"  … Heather Heavenly (Phoenix)

"Last month I made more than twice the amount of money I have ever earned in any month prior. The only difference is that I replaced the photos in my ads with the ones from our shoot together. Everyone thought I was a new girl, no one could believe that it was the same old me. I can’t wait to work with you again"… Brittney Luv MILF (Phoenix)

" I got the CD and I LOVE the pictures. I am still trying to choose which ones I want to use on my web site, they are all great. .. Kiss Kiss", … Eden Brielle (Los Angeles)

" I can’t believe that I didn’t know about you before now. I now know how much money I have wasted over the years. I wish I had met you many years ago. I got more great photos in one shoot with you than in dozens of shoots over many years with other so called photographers. You’re the best ever ", …AZ Candy Cane (Phoenix)

"Wow!!!!! Bruce you are the SHIT!!!!!!! You made my butt look soooooooooooooooooo good!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!" … Kylie Shore (Phoenix) 2nd Shoot

"I wanted to write and say thank you for today’s thoroughly enjoyable photo shoot. You’re a talented photographer and a personable, down-to-earth guy. I like that. Thank you, too, for recommending the Makeup Atrist. She did a wonderful job. The photos are beautiful! Thank you so much, Bruce. You’re the greatest". …Sylvia of Tucson (Phoenix)

"I absolutely love the photos, best shoot I have ever had. I can’t imagine having to narrow down my choices to just a few for the web site. For making me choose from so many great photos because my webmaster is forcing me to select only a few of the very best for my web site, you suck ! Love ya anyway" … Samantha Matthews (Los Angeles)

"My calls more than doubled since I starting using the photos from our shoot together. Thank you so much Bruce!!! Your the BEST!!! Can’t wait to work with you again… Luv," …. Julianna Lauren (Phoenix)

You ROCK (amazing photos, you’re wonderful to work with) I am getting calls from clients I haven’t talked to in years. I saw a dramatic increase in calls the same day I put the photos up from our shoot. I promise you, we will be working together often. "… Lucy Lee (Phoenix)