Commercial Services

We specialize in delivering completed Professional Glamour Photography Services that are on-time, within budget and done right the first time.

7000_mediumOur professional photography experience ranges from basic backdrop / catalog work, to the most sophisticated set design for a high-end magazine centerfolds, covers, advertisements, motion picture stills and even billboard work for many of the top glamour companies around the world.

We can work hand in hand with your creative team from concept design, through set construction, and delivery of the completed product.

You’ll love our ability to simplify even the most complex environments and produce spectacular results in a very efficient / affordable manor.

We have the knowledge and experience to light the set in ways that will produce amazing results in a fraction of the time most professional photographers would require.




DreamSHOTZ provides more than just standard Professional Glamour Photography Services, we can even help you locate models, locations and most any other props / accessories which might be required.

You will become spoiled after experiencing our capabilities which will allow you to sit back and watch as high-end digital capture instantaneously produces images on a monitor in front of you. This immediate feedback allows you to fine-tune and adjust for perfection in a fraction of the time required by traditional processes, thereby saving you substantial production time / money.



If your project involves creating images that include people, we can provide photography for:
• Magazine Covers, Features, and Centerfolds
• Product Catalogs
• Magazine Ads
• Billboard Ads
• Newspaper Ads
• Calendars
• Posters
• Promotional Brochures
• General Glamour / Boudoir Features

The industries that we specialize in are:
• Glamour
• Lingerie
• Swimwear
• Sport & Fitness


Advertising Agency Services:

We will help you look great in your client’s eyes.

MOdel-ServicesWhen you have a tight deadline and no margin for error, you can rest assured that DreamSHOTZ has the technical expertise, and experience to get the job done right the first time.

We realize that your reputation relies on our ability to make your client happy. You can feel comfortable in betting your reputation that we won’t let you down.

We are used to working under day-to-day pressures, and our more than 30 years of experience has taught us how to accommodate hard deadlines.
We specialize in delivering completed assignments that are on-time, within budget and done right the first time.

Need help finding the “Perfect Model” for your assignment?
Our 30+ years of industry experience has allowed us to build a very large database of useful contacts, hard-to-source items, and a staggering number of models that often proves to be very valuable to most any art director or production executive.

Talent Agency Services:

1005You focus on finding the opportunities, we’ll focus on creating the images that will help get your talent selected to fill those opportunities.

We are experts in creating turnkey portfolios in a fast, efficient and affordable manor; portfolios that are done right the first time and designed specifically to help you find work for your talent.

At your option, we can offer turn key services to the point that all you have to do is have your talent contact us, we will do everything else.
We can schedule a shoot date, arrange for make up / hair, design sets that are created in a quick, affordable and unique manor, create the photos and simply provide you the the proofs to make your selections from.

We specialize in only one thing, Beauty / Glamour Photography.
Unlike other studios that offer all types of photography, we specialize in beauty / glamour photography and therefore we have developed a methodology that allows us to produce this type of work in a very quick, efficient and affordable manor.